Gaugemaster GMI-A01 Infinity Analogue SOLO Control Package


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Gaugemaster GMI-A01 Infinity Analogue SOLO Control Package

Infinity Analogue allows you to control all your separate track sections with a single Remote handset.

It's Wireless, using the latest Bluetooth connectivity which allows a range of 50m, rarely afforded to modellers who use analogue control.

Accessory control has not been forgotten either and a simple two-wire bus and Interface Units are all you need to get your accessories operative and under your control.

Infinity Solo gives you single track control in seconds.

It’s also extendable, so if you want to add more tracks, this can be achieved with one of the Acolyte units and/or further Remote Units, giving up to ten track control.

It’s Model Railway Control [and beyond]

Tech Specs:

  • Wireless Analogue Operation
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 50m
  • Control up to 10 tracks via one Battery Powered Remote
  • Add up to 9 Remote units if desired *
  • Backlit Display
  • Trademark Gaugemaster Slow Speed Control
  • Customisable Braking/Simulation as Standard
  • 360 degree speed dial rotation with visual indicators
  • Customisable ‘Play’ mode with fuel consumption feature
  • Customisable independent track settings
  • Easy and Unique Accessory Control System on board
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK

*Note: Additional parts from the range are required.

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